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Services In Piqua, OH

Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care experts specialize in treatments to give you a lush, green, healthy lawn. We use premium fertilizers, soil amendments, and other products to strengthen grass roots, improve soil quality, fill in bare spots, and keep your lawn green and growing strong. With our customized applications throughout the year, we'll have your lawn looking its absolute best in every season.

Pest Control Services

Bugs and pests can quickly become a nuisance around your home. Our pest control treatments will kick them to the curb! We target all kinds of lawn and perimeter pests, including spiders, ants, mosquitos, ticks, fleas, grubs, and more. With scheduled preventative treatments, we'll keep new pests away and make sure any existing ones are handled for good.

Weed Control

An invasion of weeds can quickly make a lawn look unkempt. Our weed control experts know how to eradicate them for good. We'll identify the type of weeds in your lawn and use targeted herbicides and pre-emergents to get rid of them. With scheduled applications throughout the seasons, we'll stop new weeds before they sprout and keep your lawn weed-free.


Fertilizing your lawn provides essential nutrients that grass needs to grow thick and healthy. We offer premium fertilizers that feed grass roots, strengthen blades, and encourage dense growth. Our experts know just when to fertilize based on the season, grass type, and conditions to maximize the benefits. Proper fertilization makes grass more resistant to pests, weeds, diseases, and drought.

Tree and Shrub

Keep your trees and shrubs thriving with our professional treatments. We provide customized applications to manage pests, diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and anything else affecting your trees and shrubs. This helps ensure proper growth, beautiful foliage and flowers, and a long healthy life. Keeping them in top shape also reduces risk of damage during storms.

Perimeter Pest

Eliminate pests lurking right outside your home with our perimeter pest control. We treat the areas where your home's exterior meets the ground, targeting ants, spiders, roaches, mosquitos, ticks, crickets, and other nuisance pests. This creates a barrier to keep them from invading your home. Regular treatments will manage current issues and prevent new ones.

Mole Remediation

Moles tunneling through your lawn can leave behind huge unsightly mounds and damage grass roots. We offer mole remediation including trapping and baiting to safely eliminate active moles and prevent new ones from moving in. We'll also level and repair any damage to your lawn caused by tunnels and hills. No more playing whack-a-mole in your yard!

Grub and Army Worm Treatment

Grubs and army worms can severely damage your lawn as they feed on grass roots and blades. Our treatments will eliminate grubs and worms in all stages of life. We time applications carefully based on their growth cycle to ensure we catch them at their most vulnerable stage. Eliminating these pests protects your lawn's appearance and health.

Growth Regulators

Sometimes grass grows a little too quickly, requiring frequent mowing and trimming. Our growth regulator applications will slow down growth so you can mow less often. Regulating growth also makes for denser, greener turf. It enables the grass to better develop thicker blades and deeper roots for maximum health and beauty.

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks can easily take over your lawn and landscape beds, as well as hitch rides on your pets. Our treatments will eliminate these biting pests and keep them from coming back. We target them in all life stages to break the reproductive cycle. You'll be able to enjoy your yard again without itchy irritating bites.

Organic Natural Pest Control

If you want effective pest control without chemicals, our organic treatments are the perfect solution. Using EPA approved natural ingredients, we'll get rid of and deter lawn and perimeter pests of all kinds. Our products are safe for people, pets, and the environment while still providing robust pest management. Go green and get a pest-free yard!

Landscape Bed Weed Control

Weeds popping up in your landscape beds can detract from your curb appeal. Our landscape bed weed treatments will knock them out without harming your ornamentals and mulch. Regular scheduled applications will also put up a pre-emergent barrier to keep new weeds from sprouting. Keep your beds looking fresh and weed-free all year long.

Bi-monthly Landscape Weed Control Service

The key to keeping landscape beds weed-free is consistency. Our bi-monthly weed control service ensures your beds are treated on a regular interval to stop existing weeds and prevent new ones. Every other month, we’ll inspect, treat, and maintain your beds so they stay pristine no matter what the seasons bring. Let us handle the work of keeping your landscape neat and beautiful.

Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitos ruin your ability to enjoy your outdoor space. Our mosquito treatments will significantly reduce these biting pests on your property. We apply a barrier spray that kills them on contact and keeps new ones from invading. Spend evenings on your patio again without swatting away mosquitos.

Ant Extermination

Ants can find their way inside even the cleanest homes. But we know how to stop them at the source! Our ant extermination treatments target the nests in your landscape as well as entry points around your home’s exterior. We’ll wipe out the current ant population and make your property inhospitable to new colonies.

Spider Extermination

Cobwebs creeping you out? Let us banish spiders and webs from your property. Our spider extermination treatments will eliminate these crawly pests where they live and hide outside your home. Regular applications keep new ones from moving in and building webs on your patio, windows, and doors. Take back your outdoor living space!

Mosquito Extermination

If mosquitoes love snacking on you every time you step outdoors, let us exterminate them once and for all! Our treatments will significantly reduce mosquitoes on your property through targeted spraying that kills them on contact and at the source. Reclaim your yard and outdoor activities without being eaten alive.

Lawn Pest Control

A healthy thriving lawn requires controlling unwanted pests. Our lawn pest treatments target the full range of insects, arachnids, moles, rodents, and other nuisances that damage grass and roots. Consistent preventative care keeps new pests away and maintains a thick, green, protected lawn all year long.

Preventative Services

The best defense is a good offense when it comes to protecting your lawn and landscape. Our preventative care services proactively stop weeds, pests, and diseases before they have a chance to take hold and spread. This consistent protection is the key to maintaining a lush, healthy, beautiful property that can withstand anything nature throws its way.

Liquid Aeration

A well-manicured lawn with vibrant flower beds in Ohio, showcasing the lush results of using liquid fertilizer.
Our specialized liquid aeration service offers a tailored approach to help you achieve a healthier and more vibrant lawn. Our experienced technicians use cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly options to ensure optimal soil oxygenation, root nourishment, and overall lawn health. Trust us to provide the best care for your lawn with our liquid aeration services.